Please join the AZ Chapter for our next Luncheon Presentation on February 18th, 2016

Bill McClean of IC Insights will present "Are IC Industry Cycles Dead or Just Sleeping?”

Although a high level of uncertainty still looms over the global economy, sales of smartphones continue to reach new highs and the Internet of Things looms on the horizon. IC Insights will present its forecast for the IC market and unit volume shipments in the context of the IC industry cycle model. In order to make sense out of the current turmoil, a top-down analysis of the IC market will be given and include trends in worldwide GDP growth, electronic system sales, and semiconductor industry capital spending and capacity.

Thank you for joining the AZ Chapter for our most recent Luncheon Presentation on January 14th, 2016

Tim Olson of Deca Technologies presented "Enabling a New Class: The Panel Level SoC"

Download a copy of Tim's presentation here!

Wafer level fan-out technology has grown from a niche solution as a single die package with a limited supply chain into a hyper-growth technology delivering the industry’s highest interconnect density .  With Moore’s Law slowing due to economic challenges, SoC designers are partitioning monolithic silicon devices into multi-chip architectures that require tight die-to-die spacing and ultra-high density interconnect.  Fan-out technology is now emerging as a key enabler of these future devices built from disparate blocks of silicon.   However, cost, capability, yield and scale must all come together to enable mass market adoption. 

Tim's presentation explored how fan-out technology is fueling an industry transition including:

-   Convergence of capabilities from foundries to SATS to EMS

o   Interconnect density

o   Capital intensity

o   Cost

-   Key capabilities required to enable large area formats and significant scale

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Presentation Summary - IC Market Outlook in an Unstable Economy

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Bill presented IC Insights’ forecast that 2015 will continue the integrated circuit industry cyclical upturn that began in 2013.  This cyclical upturn is expected to gain momentum over the next several years, resulting in a 6.4% IC market CAGR over the 2013-2018 time period, which would be more than 3x the 1.7% CAGR the IC market displayed from 2007-2012.  Moreover, IC unit volume shipments (which drive packing capacity) are forecast to register a 2013-2018 CAGR of 7.1%, much better than the 4.0% CAGR shown in the 2007-2012 time period.


Luncheon Presentations

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The IMAPS AZ Chapter strives to bring interesting speakers and topics to our community. If you, or someone you know, would like to make a presentation at one of our Chapter luncheons, please contact us.

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